Elpida Bios Flash RX Series Guide

RX 470 4 & RX 480 4 Cards only atm

!NOTE: Modding Bioses and Flashing GPU's can be DANGEROUS! Be careful that you don't break your card! Proceed at own risk, if you thinks its too risky don't do it!

#1 Know your Memory Type

Hynix, Elpida, Samsung or Micron

Before we get started with Bios Flashing/Modding the GPU's we need to see what Memory Type your gpu has inside its build, for this guide we are looking for the ELPIDA Memory.

To check it you will need to download TechPowerUp GPU-Z and it should show your Memory Type as shown in the image.


#2 Preparing The GPU

Turn off your pc before switching!

At this point we know that the RX 470/480 is ready for the Bios Flash on ELPIDA Memory.

To proceed we need to switch the small switch to the front of the card as shown on image.

This is only for cards with a DUAL Bios Switch.

Graphic cards

#3 Back up your BIOS ROM

It's okay if you forgot it

So next up we need to open up TechPowerUp GPU-Z again and click the button as shown in the image and save the BIOS ROM to a destination you will remember as back up and name it as RX470Original.rom and save it.

(If you forgot it you can always go to THIS website to find your original bios for you card.)


#4 Elpida supported Polaris Bios Editor

Very important

Ofcourse we need to tune our RX470Tuned.rom, unfortunately we have to do it manually for the Samsung memory type.
To get started you will need to open the PolarisBiosEditor that you can download Here.

polaris bios editor

#5 Download the Modded BIOS ROM

Very important

I only have a few pre-modded available versions for now that are:
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 4GB
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 4GB
Download the ROM to a location that you will remember.


#6 Manual Tuning the BIOS ROM

Recheck everything!

Open up PolarisBiosEditor.exe and load your BIOS ROM you saved earlyer (for example "RX470Tuned.rom" and open it in the Bios Editor.
In the right bottom corner you will see "TIMING (Mhz)" and there is where you need to copy the following timings:
- For RX470/480 4GB Versions
Copy 1500 to All above (e.g. to 1625, 1750 and 2000)
- For RX470/480 8GB Versions
Copy 1750 to 2000
Make sure you copy the whole string!

Now save the bios and replace the "RX470Tuned.rom" for example
(You can increase the TDP to 100 if you go for Maximum Hashrate)

plaris editor Ethereum

#7 Extracting ATIflash

The BIOS Loader

After downloading the ROM we need a program that can load the Modded BIOS into our GPU, therefor we use ATIflash and you can download it Here.
Now extract the files to your C:/ Drive and just simply call the folder Atiflash as shown in the image.


#8 Final Step!

Loading The ROM

The final part is fairly easy and straight forward:
- Open "ATIWinflash.exe" as Administrator
- Select the GPU you want to flash
- Select the Modded Bios you downloaded on the "Load image" button and hit "Program". Now you will see the Modded BIOS ROM being loaded into the gpu
- You can then restart your Miner/System and you should see an increase in hashrate!

Mineing Ethereum

#9 The Result!


Now that you flashed your BIOS into a modded version you should see an increase in hasrate and using the same amount of power as before, its also possible to tune the clock speeds to get a more efficient setting as shown in the image. It's up to you to choose for extra hashrate or more efficient mining! (Core/memory, 1150/+-2000) Have fun tuning and mining!

Miner Stats